A medical esthetician job description is a bit different from a spa esthetician.  A medical esthetician has additional training and works with patients whose skin or appearance is affected by accidents, trauma or medical procedures.  Medical estheticians typically work in different settings than a spa esthetician.  They work with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, registered nurses,oncology practices, and hospitals.

They help medical professionals to help people  cope with facial reconstructive surgeries or similar medical procedures. Those interested in becoming a medical esthetician are usually already working as a dermatologist, esthetician, or skin care specialist and want to advance their career by becoming certified in other skin care advancements and technologies.

Medical esthetician job duties can vary depending on state regulations, level of certification, extent of medical supervison required and employer, but may include:

  • providing pre- and post operative skin care treatment
  • performing exfoliation
  • teaching how to apply makeup to camouflage a scar
  • teaching patients how to apply makeup to conceal burns
  • showing how to apply makeup for patients with pigment disorders
  • helping chemotherapy patients lean how to measure and redraw browlines to replace those lost to treatment
  • teaching patients how to take care of their skin after skin irritating radiation treatments

Other medical esthetician duties may include:

  • applying medical-grade skin care products to remove dead skin cells through micro-dermabrasion
  • performing chemical peels to remove facial lines and hyperpigmentation
  • performing duties as blackhead extraction
  • performing therapeutic facials
  • performing laser and light-based treatments to remove unwanted hair or cellulite
  • eliminating tattoos
  • evening out pigmentation, removing unwanted birthmarks, and diminishing varicose veins

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