There is a significant amount of hands-on training involved in esthetics. Consequently, there are few totally online esthetician schools. There are some schools that do offer "hybrid" programs where theory classes are completed online and "hands-on" classes are completed on-campus.  For example, courses that may be delivered online could include:

  • physiology and anatomy of the human skin
  • business law
  • sanitation
  • salon management
  • communications
  • medical terminology

There are also online esthetician courses offered that focus on theory and are primarily for license renewal or continuing education.

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There are several advantages to accessing the online portion of hybrid esthetician schools or esthetician courses online for license renewal/certification purposes.  These may include:

  • learning at your own schedule-which can be 24hours and seven days a week
  • learning at your own pace
  • reduced cost since online classes may be less costly and there are certainly transportation and/or child care savings 
  • learning of technological skills associated with the internet such as online conferencing and presentation skills
  • some students find online learning easier than face to face traditional, on-campus instruction

There are also several potential disadvantages of using an esthetician school online or online esthetician courses . These may include:

  • lack of required self-discipline since students must be motivated to stay on schedule
  • limited social interaction with other students
  • lack of time management skills since students must manage their time appropriately
  • some students prefer face-to-face instructional support, rather than email, telephone and online audio-video support options
  • technical issues may be challenges for some (internet, internet speed, complex internet conferencing etc).
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